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1 Reason For Failure In Reaching Your Dreams That No One Talks About

Here’s one of the biggest reasons for failure in relationships that almost NO ONE seems to talk about: Isolation. More specifically, isolation from the people you need in order to keep you accountable in everyday life. Too many people try … Continue reading

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Are You Throwing Out Green Tomatoes?

Imagine you go to the store and buy some tomato plants. You plant them in your garden. You water them and weed the soil and fertilize them…and wait. Then, inevitably, some of the tomatoes turn red. But not all of … Continue reading

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Why Stealing is Better than Borrowing

  Pablo Picasso once said, “A great artist does not borrow, he steals.” What he meant was “a great artist takes what other great artists have done, he internalizes them, he makes them his own, and then he develops something … Continue reading

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What’s Eating Your Relationships?

What do you think is one of the biggest threats to your relationships? I would say the one thing that has gotten me in more hot water in my relationships is when I assume someone understands me. It doesn’t matter, … Continue reading

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