Are You Living In This Nation?

What IfI had a conversation with an entrepreneur friend of mine the other day. He was contemplating bring a new product into his line. He seemed to be excited about the product and ready to go. The product would help people with a certain problem and for a very reasonable price.

All of a sudden the conversation changed which confused me. “I just don’t know. What if it’s not right”, said my friend.

“What are you talking about, you just got finished telling me how good it is”.

My friend responded with, “I don’t know, what if the packaging is just not right, or what if we forget to” blah, blah, blah.

I could see my friend was in the country of procrastiNation, there was nothing wrong with the product.

procrastinationWhen you want to kill any opportunity, use procrastination as your assassin. I can tell you from experience, it works every time.

I have used the word “IF” to keep me from moving forward. I have learned the word “IF” is one of the biggest two letter word in the English language. But, there is another two letter word that can counter act procrastination. In fact, the use of this word will shatter procrastiNation every time.

The word is “DO”.

When you take action, procrastiNation can not remain. Because you are moving, taking action, DOING something.

“IF” is the biggest procrastinator.

“Do” is the biggest accelerator.

Until Next Time…



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