Are You A Reflection Of In Your Business?


In the picture we see a reflection of the trees on the water. Henry Ford makes a great point. A business that has a sole goal of making money without being concerned about it’s customers is a poor business. It is a reflection of the management of the business.

no_cheater_signThe fact is, the more money you have will bring to the surface your character and integrity. If you are a person that cheats, you will find ways to cheat more. Are you a greedy person, you will become more greedy. We saw this drama unfold in the Enron scandal. 

helping othersIf you are a caring person, you will care for others even more. If you are a giving person, you will give even more of your time, talents, and money to help others make it to where you are. This is not to say others will always accept what you have to offer, but you are willing to help them if they want the help.

If you are in business take the time to decide how you want to run your business, then commit to it fully. Your success will be a direct reflection of who you are.

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